The work deals with the invisible machines in the sky by building an autonomous system that traces passing satellites onto physical maps.
Around three thousand satellites orbit the Earth, some since more then 50 years. Despite their overall application, they are rarely noticed on Earth. Based on a database maintained by the US Air Force, the drawing machine Satelliten calculates the sheer number of satellite flyovers in regard to its own location. In a selected area of approx. 10 square cm, the machine draws their paths in real time on a paper map. The output generated will vary depending on the place of exhibition.
As time passes, this new layer of human civilization covers the old one in an irreversible act of overwriting. In the long run only a black square will be left, it is the remains of this rather parasitic machine: a temporal window to the sky, showing the seemingly arbitrary but highly structured activities of these external sentinels monitoring both earth and space.

With Jan Bernstein and Sebastian Neitsch.

Material: map, pen, stepper motors, motor drivers, electronics, sensors, aluminium, Arduino microcontroller, MiniPc
Size: 20 x 20 x 10cm (without book / map)
Year: 2015

Thanks to Woeishi Lean!