8 months at Solitude, surrounded by wonderful people from all over the world - a chance I decided to turn into a second project: Why not use this unique possibility to make clothes, not for ideal women but for some of those who share this time with me?

So Serie Schwarz is an attempt, an experiment about the relation between the designer and the one, who is supposed to actually wear the outcome of the designers mind.
How could a collaboration between those two parties work, without drifting into classical custom tailoring? Would I be able to meet and fulfill the demands of the future wearer? How would it be for the participants to participate in the creation process?

To make this work, there were some preliminaries to set:
As fabric for all garments I chose a black organic cotton, a basic popeline. The time frame was 1 month per garment and participant. All participants would be female - in a serie of only 6 this would allow a conceptual and visual better comparable outcome. And the process would have to be more or less the same for everyone.

The final outcome of this project is rather the documentation of the origination process then the actual garments, which remain with the participant. The focus is on the individuality of each garment, but even more on the origination process and the documentation of the dialogues and thoughts arising from the projects structure.

At the night of the exhibition opening 5 out of the 6 ladies were present wearing their garments - a hidden fashion show (photos by Frank Kleinbach):